You are an enormous part

Of my heart and my life

Unable to breathe without you by my side


An adoring sight and a constant

Reminder of your bewildering beauty

Every time I set my eyes on you


An angel from above

Now a diamond more precious than life


A look in the mirror, a

Meer reflection of you in my soul

Astounded at how lucky I am, feelings

Zipping through my heart, caught

In an engulfing trance to your touch

Not able to escape and not trying to

Get away because I want to stay


Pretty as you are

And will always remain in my eyes, as I am

Ready and always willing

To be there for you


Over and over again

Forever expressing the love and desire I have for you


Make a note and piece together

Every letter at the beginning of every line…

      … and you will understand what I am trying to say.



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