Some days,

She’s quiet,

Solitude-like, derailed by her own endless thoughts,

Eyes gazing far beyond what is ahead of her,

Lips dangling in mid air, just twitching

As if aching to speak out,


Because she’s lost in her head,

Her mind in control,

The world shut out,

Like she’s locked herself from reality,

Echoes of voices is all she hears…

But when she wakes up from her deep endeavours,

She becomes so alive,

Reality so clear as crystal light,

Suddenly her focus is all so clear,

And she’s back to mumbling,

As if released from a trance,

Like a prisoner of her own mind set free,

And lives on,

As if nothing had happened

But even when lost in her state of mind,

All I can do is watch,

And never threaten to touch,

Or even break her free,

Because when she’s lost in thought,

Her true and magnificent beauty is at its brightest,

And I’d get lost in it,

As if it were a trance in itself,

Her starry eyes ever so glistening,

Her lingering lips ever so luscious,

Her caramel skin shimmering from the light falling all around her,

Her ever so flawless figure displayed in allure that’s beyond

And when she breaks,

So do I,

Back to the real,

And that is why,

I can only watch…


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