A bank,
Riding in our V8 Ford Falcon
We stopped outside
Driven by an adrenaline crazed rush
We got out and headed straight for the main entrance,
Burst in,
Looking like a pair of early 20th century gangsters…
Trench coats, fedora hats,
And a pair of hardcore Tommy guns.
The smell of vintage teller stalls, desks and people,
Making the rush all the more hot.

“This is a stick up!
Everybody down, now!”
Bang! Bang! Bang!
“All the money in the bag Tuts”
I said the scared pretty female teller…
“It’s been a pleasure robbing you all”
You said before we strutted out,
Into the quiet outside,
All smiles…a subtle escape.

Tires screeching,
Engine spitting 450 horses of raw power,
We made our getaway
But not for long,
Sirens! The pigs were on us!
You picked up your Tommy,
“Eat Lead pigs!”
You said, riddling the cop cars with bullets.
It turned me on so bad.
Made me drive even faster
It was close,
But we lost ’em and got away.

We made our way to our cabin in the woods,
Switched off the engine…
Seduced by the rush of danger,
And the success of the heist we pulled
Lips so wet with lust,
We made out so freaking hard,
I lifted you up
My hands on your ass,
Your legs around my waist,
I was so hot I couldn’t wait…
With the money in hand
I carried you in
And closed the door.

I put you down,
This called for celebration,
We did it babe.
I threw the money all around,
And it rained down on us,
Sweet sexy success.

Then you called me
I gazed at you, You at me smiling in want
Before you opened up your trench
To reveal nothing but the black lingerie that lay under
Gripping tight your busty breasts…
Your hips and thighs,
And the sweet sweet supple sugar between…
My jaw dropped,

“Oh fuck…
She pulled the heist only wearing that?
She’s incredible!
Damn, I want her so bad right now…”
I thought to myself
As I gasped in awe
Feeling myself harden

“I wanna fuck you so hard” I said.
“I want you to fuck me hard” you said back.
Wasting no time
With so much want for you,
I stripped my clothes off,
Scooped you up,
And put you on the ground
Right on top of the dirty money.
“It’s about to get dirtier” I whispered in your ear…

I took off your panties,
With my teeth,
My lips sliding against your thighs…
You were so wet, your pussy so hot…
But I cooled it down,
With my tongue, licking your clit and lips,
As you grabbed the money off the ground,
Trying to handle the rising pleasure…
As you got wetter and wetter…

But I came back up
Held down your hands on the floor
Looking deep in your eyes…
Before you let out a moan
From the feel of me sliding inside you…
I kissed you as I stroked you…
Slowly at first…                                                                                                                                           but the feeling,
stroke after stroke,
my skin against yours,
the wetness…ah, the wetness,                                                                                                             me inside you,
made me increase the pace
And the intensity
The faster and deeper I’d go
The louder you’d moan.

Oh we fucked good…

But then…
Suddenly I was alone,
Familiar surroundings,
Modern furniture…
I was lying on my bed
Hot, hard and gasping for air…

A dream…
It was a dream.
Adrenaline driven and full of lust and desire,
Of a history… a fantasy,                                                                                                                           that never was,
You and me,
We were Bonnie and Clyde
Driven by love, compassion,
And a sense of danger
that brought out a wild seduction…
A passion so surreal…





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