Soft chirping,

Glowing red underneath my eyelids,

I opened my eyes,


The sound of a bird knocking on the window,

Yawning softly

I turned to the left

My bed, alone I was as always,


I shifted my head to the right,

bruised by the thought of being alone

As if to abandon it.


But no…

I wasn’t…not this time

Like a warm glaze to my soul,

There you were,


Busy ironing,

The morning sunlight through the drapes,

Making your skin glow, shimmer…radiant African chocolate,

On your hair, you face, your neck, your arms, your thighs,

All the way down your legs,

The rest of the nude beauty hidden,

Behind an oversize blood red t-shirt,

That ran down, but stopped,

just right below your ass…that soft, round, sexy ass,

I could only imagine was underneath

Awh! The sight…

I could feel myself harden,

My cock rise in size and length,

To dirty thoughts of that sexy body underneath,

My hands running slowly over…

An Enchanting Beauty well beyond.


“Fuck, she’s gorgeous,” I thought to myself

But you paused…the iron still hot in hand

As if feeling me stare at you from behind

You turned around and gazed at me

With that look…

That “Get up and fuck me now” look,

A cheeky smile on your face,

“I hope you slept well. You”ll need your strength” you said,

As you grasped your shirt ends,

And slowly raised them, taking it off,

“She’s taking it off!” I thought,

My hormones rising…


And it was…

Revealing it all…

Your bouncing perky breasts

Curves so flawless,

Smooth hips, a thick booty,

And a sweet, wet pussy,

All gripped by an almost see-through crimson thong

It was…

It was amazing.


You dropped the shirt

turning your back on me


with your fingers holding on to your thong,

you slowly slipped it off,

as you bent down,

clearly teasing me,

flaunting that sexy brown booty,

before looking back at me,

then tossing them at my face

mmmh, they smelled so good…

What a mind fuck!

“Hmm, what are you waiting for?” you chuckled

“I’ll be inside,” you said walking to the shower

Stealing another glance at me

Your finger, beckoning me to follow

I couldn’t take it any longer

“Awh, she’s so gonna fuckin’ get it”

Stripping down my boxers,

My stiff cock making it even harder to take ’em off.


I rushed into the shower,

You already inside,

the steamy water already running down your naked hot body

Letting your finger play with your pussy

as the water ran over,

“Spread them”

With no hesitation you spread those thighs wide

Crazed by lust for you

I knelt down

your right leg over my shoulder,

your left firm on the ground,

My face on your pussy,

my tongue sliding around your clit,

up and down between your pussy lips

my hands running along your thighs

up your hips, feeling your body

to your soft perky breasts

I grabbed them hard

as I sucked on your clit even more

AWH! you moaned, loud

Your tasty juices flowing even more

Your toes cringing

You couldn’t take it

Pushing me off and turning me over

Griping me against the wall

“I want you inside me!”

Seduction so hot with lust

I lifted you up by your ass

put your legs around my waist

and slid you down as my cock slipped in

Your nails engraved further in my back

making me slid all the more deeper in

Moans so loud they echoed off the walls

You moved up and down,

My rod stroking your wet hot pussy walls

Up, down,

Up, down,

Up, down…

I wanted to go harder, deeper…

I flipped you over

your back against the wall.

I looked deep into your eyes

then I kissed you…hard

biting your lip

as I sunk my cock deeper in you

In, out…

Deeper in, deeper out…

Faster and faster…

“I’m cumming!!!”

“Me too!!!”




I shot my cum deep inside

As your body shook from your hard felt Orgasm…


We banged…hard.


We were wet.

both in and out.

my body still against yours,

my hands still gripping your ass,

I carried you to bed

and we lay there in each other’s arms

our breaths like whispers again…

I stared at you,

You at me,


my thoughts?

“This moment cannot get any better.”



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