A vision…
An illusion…
But a true dirty nature
So perfect in my head,
Yet it seems so hard to describe
That’s just how true beauty is..
You can’t put words right enough to it
So exquisite
Like that only found in a dream
A fantasy even…

Erotic in all its allure
Enchanting the strongest of minds
With a lust holding them captive…
The invigorating scent
Hair kissed by the array of shining light
Entrancing starry eyes
Skin like melted dark chocolate
Lips ever so thick, pink and luscious
A mind all so fascinating
Slick neck and arms
Firm perky breasts brazenly exposed
A flat belly
Broad hips,
Soft thighs,
And a sexy round butt like the irresistible Eve’s apple
The perfect figure…

A lust,
A want..
For your body against mine..
My firm abs against your soft bosom
My hands on your ass
Yours on my chest
Your lips and mine locked
Me hard and you wet
Me inside you
You on top of me
My mind lost in your seduction
And yours in mine
Yearning for more…

You’re that dream,
My vision, my illusion…

My spellbound seduction.



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