The right kind of wrong
An undeniable infatuation
By the fantasy
Engraved in my mind
Lost in thought
Like mind control
A recurring dream
By a beauty unable to fathom
Unable to explain
Unable to break free
Unable to forget…

Its you.
Ninety nine percent angel
But oh that one…
That one percent
The enchantress resides
The bad side
The bad girl
The fatal attraction
Calling me forward
Like I’m in a charmed state
Weakend by your sexy allure
The sensuality that calls
That yearns
For your body and mine intertwined
Our motions in perfect sync
Like pieces of a puzzle
Meant to be together
Even when separate

My want for you
Your want for me
Acting like a force of magnetism
Pulling us together
Unwilling to be apart any longer
Me inside you
You inside me
Your soul within mine
And mine within yours
Naked but unafraid
Feeling completely safe
In each other’s arms
In each other’s nakedness
Both in body and soul

It is perfect
It is surreal
Energies flowing together
Minds drowning in each other
With no struggle to be apart
Breathing in your seduction
Like the air, the oxygen
That my body and soul cannot live without
Both craving each other
The seduction between us an untamed monster…

Me and you…
It is
And only can be
Me and you
Safe in the bad
Happy in the wrong

You are
My right kind of wrong.



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