I’m lit
The kind that smooth brandy carries you
To that place
That feeling of soaring
Way up
Nothing mild about this kind…
But it’s incomplete
Because two things are missing…
The loyal MaryJane,
And you…

Yes you
Mostly you
We only just started talking
Our conversations limited to the cell,
I feel like I know you already…
Our inappropriate chats
And laughs
Never boring talks
So real, no fake shit
Honest and surreal.

But hidden within
The need
For a face to face
The desire
The want for you
To make your body whine
Make your soul moan with sinful passion
Body against body
Soul against soul
No love
Just lust
The want to rip your clothes off your body
Feel yours against mine
Make your body surrender
To my touch and kiss
Grazing against your tender glazing skin
Your soft bust
Your tummy
Your hips
Your booty
Thighs I wanna kiss
And lick my way down the middle
Have a wild fuck
deep, untamed…
The kind that’ll make you bury your nails deep in my back
Roll your eyes back
Have you shaking from head to toe
In uncontrollable orgasm
Leaving you craving more

Your all but sexy body
Chiseled to perfection
Like a million dollar Chardonnay
Priceless, longing for a taste
The soft touch I have only but imagined.

You’re an unreal vixen
A beautiful siren
So rare
So perfect in her imperfection
The kind a man can only dream of
The need to make you moan for more
Scream for more
Look at me with lust
And want me inside you

You’re the imagination I have
The fuck I want
The intense seduction I crave
Every time we talk
Every mind to mind we have…

I just wanna fuck you hard
Tame your tameless passion
Leave you wet with temptation…

You know it’s you.

My wild temptress.



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