I wanna be alone…

with you again

In a quiet room

Our solitude

Watch you dress down 

Your enticing brown legs glowing against the yellow light

A majestic sight

I want to sit across you and talk about our blissful and goofy somethings and nothings 

As you taunt me with the nudity under that tight top.

I miss my hands holding you around your belly, gripping tight that belly…the feeling that gave me…

I miss caressing your thighs as you dance in front of me

I miss watching that gorgeous bod as it moved in front of my eyes complete with that bright smile that said you were happy being there with me

That same smile that was happy and sly with taunting me.

I miss feeling the vibe of you wanting me to hold you, grab you, feel you and caress your body all over.

I miss running my hands all over you 

Grabbing your breast and your stomach and your ass as we cuddled.

I miss pulling up your shirt just to see and touch that beautiful big soft butt and you fighting me off to rush covering it again over and over

I miss kissing you all over your nude body and biting on your ass as I lick and grab that ass.

Tasting your divine skin

Running my hands and lips all over your back

I miss feeling my hard crotch against your naked ass and you pressing hard against it like you want it so bad

I miss lying down beside you and holding you tight with your nude wet pussy against me, your leg on top of me that I could run my fingers against from toe to knee to thigh then finally to that sexy ass that I’d grab. Doing all this as we talked about infinity

I miss the feeling of your wetness on my fingers, my fingers inside you

You moaning and wanting more…

I miss sucking on your nipples,

Kissing your lips 

holding you tight

Grabbing hard on your breasts and butt

Biting your neck and thighs…

As our minds wandered off together far beyond to oblivion…
But most of all…

I miss staring into those big beautiful brown eyes and feeling the farthest brightest and darkest parts of our souls connect…
Do you know you bent over for me while kneeling on the bed? 

I almost lifted your top above your ass, went down on you and put my lips in between
I just want you against me, 

your back on my abs, 

your ass on my crotch 

and my hands 

running all over you from your neck 

Down to your breasts 

to your tummy 

to your waist 

to your thighs 

and finishing off with a tight squeeze…
All this as I wish 

time would freeze and let us be…

We are denied by circumstance

But our souls yearn to be close together,

Intertwined, naked with each other 

Caressing our spirits

Free and sound

Two souls as one 

“Die Lockige Seele”

~The curly soul


You blow my mind

A wild soul I wish to tame

But untamable


The definition of surreal

Pure in its beauty

Untapped in its wild nature

I want to feel that nature

Touch that allure

Feel that warmth 

Free that beast

See you burn bright

Be with you



And real.

Raw and real.

~the ghost poeter. 


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