They say,

That true beauty,

Beauty in its most excoriated form,

Of fervent quality, 

Cannot merely be seen only from one’s exterior alone,

But only shown by accessing one’s open soul.
I discept. 

Because I believe,

Eye witnessed,

Through the right eyes, 

Eyes that understand, 

That bond,

That see right through to the core, 

Just by watching her graciously stark display of naturality, 

Feeding an open mind which knows no bound,

No path, 

No end,

To the real meaning of it,

One can see it all,

The rawness of a soul, 

Nature of a devilish angel,

Or an angelic devil,

Ooze out through her body in glorious revelation.
I saw it,

Just by looking at her.

See here’s the thing…

Let me give you insight,

A brief idea of what I’m talking about…

So there’s this girl, this lady,

Gorgeous can’t begin to describe the complexity of this rhapsodic allure that she radiates,

The kind that rare emeralds emit,

But more like a forbidden fruit,

My mind can’t compute, 

You want her but can’t have her.

Like a blood diamond.

Her mind and body,

Insanely erotic,

You feel honoured just by gazing at her figure,

Imperfectly perfect,

Seemingly flawless in every angle and aspect,

Her beauty in your brain will linger.

Her skin you want to taste,

Her curves you want to graze your fingers over,

Her supple breasts you want to put in your mouth,

Her sweet little ass you want to grab and bury your face in,

And her pussy,

So plump and magnificent,

You can’t help but imagine your tongue all over it,

Your dick sliding into it,

Feeling it’s glorious warmness and wetness,

Taking you to a place out of this world,

Putting you in a trance just by looking for even a second,

You will want to fuck her,

Think you will rock her world,

But you’re wrong,

Because she’s the one who will fuck your brains out and rock yours,

The kind of fucking that will make you bust right quick and take your pride with it,

You will be humbled,

You will lose your shit when you see it all,

She is bold and magical,

But she’s dangerous, 

All this you see,

You feel you can still break free,

Until you look in her eyes 

So enchanting it’ll be your end when you catch a glimpse, 

Just a glimpse,

and she’ll have you in her grasp.

She’s a seductress,

An enchantress,

I was seduced,

And enchanted,

But I didn’t care,

I put up a fight,

I didn’t want to,

But I had to,

And close to none I beat the temptress,

I won,

But I still felt like I lost

I was still defeated.

Any longer,

And I’d have been the vanquished champion.

Won but lost,

Happy and in disarray,

Sane but confused,

Lost in the endless fight of the beautiful dark chocolate temptation that is her.

But even drowning in incertitude,

I must say,

It felt worth it.

And believe me when I tell you,

You would get lost too.


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