She is bad for me,

Because we are miles apart in age,

Yet she is intoxicating my heart,

But she is good for me,

Because she is wise,




She has been battered,

The world against her time after time,

Torn her down inside and out,

Circumstances that test the woman human to the core of her essence,

Her physical and emotional strength tried to her deepest centre,


She is so beautiful,

Triumphant in all her trials,

Coming out stronger,


More and more resilient to whatever the world may throw at her,

Ready and steadfast,

Magnificent and bold in her mien,

Manifestation of a survivor over and over

She has charmed me,

Her bodily allure no more perfect than the soul withheld inside,

Fiery and enchanting,

Sculpted by God and shaped by sacrifice,

Her body bleeds true beauty,

The kind that is earned and well deserved rather than gifted,

Aphroditic resemblance,

Caramel skin that glows bright and glazes the soul of one that lays eyes on her

Breasts like apples from Eden,

She’s a forbidden fruit,

She beats my years,

But only grows finer as she ages,

Graceful and like fine wine she can only become,

Mature and expensive I can only believe she tastes,

Like Brandy from the oldest smoothest Mahogany barrels in existence,

She wears her flaws with pride,

Thus she is seamless in her seams,

Perfect in her own imperfections…

I long for her,

To touch her,

Feel her,

Kiss her luscious lips that ferry your soul to the nonexistent world of purity and wondrous delight,

Taste her skin and imagine her tales,

Run my young fingernails over her back,

Suck gently on her supple soft breasts,

Kiss her beautiful scars,

Run my lips over the wonderland that is her thighs,

Make her moan with my tongue in her lubricious succulent wet peach,

Grab her superb firm sexy ass and thrust her against the kitchen counter again,

Spread her legs and bend her over,

Or let her take me with the lust and want of a younger man inside her,

She will sigh in unrelatable desire as she feels me slide my rod inside her,

Her walls contracting around it as I stroke her deep inside and out, over and over in endless motion,

Our bodies moving in complete sync

I will make her beg for more

As she makes me want no other

It would be a taste of forbidden heaven if it existed,

And then we would spend there a lifetime of embargoed desire and love.

She’s a warrior,

A believer,

A lover,

A mother,

An amazing mother,

A woman of class and intelligence…

She’s a young sexy milf,

My kind of milf,

The one I want,

But know I cannot have,

She’s my Taboo.


I don’t care.



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