​I met this girl

Back in the age of high

She walked into my class

She seemed soft and kind

Redacted to her own thoughts and nature

I couldn’t tell if she was scared 

Or if she just didn’t care 

She seemed peculiar, small, silent

Like an outcast at first 

But there was something about her

Something I found intriguingly attractive

Her melancholic personality that seemingly matched mine

Or a welcoming warmth radiated from her 

I couldn’t tell

I had to meet her

Talk to her 

Introduce myself
She didn’t know

She should know
Time passed

We got to know each other

The story wrote itself and the pages filled up and kept turning

We’d laugh

She’d watch as I play

I’d make fun of her and she wouldn’t care

We got close

She cared

I did too

One day she asked me to be her better half

Her best mate

And I agreed

Her smile was beautiful

Made by those luscious plump lips

At the time I was naive

I’d never have imagined it any more than it was.
She doesn’t know

She should know
It’s been a few years now

The girl no longer a girl

But a woman

No longer timid 

But confident in her skin

Intelligent and amazing

Bold when she needs to be

Scarred by life’s challenges

But more beautiful than ever

We kept in touch

Our friendship stronger than ever

We could go days without talks or murmurs

But we’d start it up again as if we missed nothing, not even a second. 


But something’s changed

In me

I’ve grown fond of her

I notice her more now


I’m intimidated strongly by her

She’s firm and I like it

Almost as if I desire her

She’s so far away that I can’t touch her

Yet so close enough to feel and want her
She doesn’t know

She should know
That I’ve crushed on her before

My first true best friend

My imaginary lover sometimes

I see her in my thoughts 

She’s trusted me with her deepest thoughts

Opened up to me with her deepest flaws and desires

Even her wonderland of a perfect body she has shown me with no regret

Stunned more than once at the perfectly chiseled elegance that are her features

I’ve fucked her in my dreams

I’ve caressed her skin

I’ve kissed her lips and heard her moans

I’ve grabbed her huge soft supple breasts

And nibbled on her ass

I’ve tasted the sweet nectar of the forbidden fruit that’s her pussy

I’ve made her cum over and over 

And I’ve cum inside her over and over

All this while leaving her begging for more

 Wonderful sensation

Then lay beside her 

Having her in my arms

Staring into each other’s wonders and oblivion

Just so she could feel safe with me


Only in my imagination


My own best friend

How could I?

Is it normal?

Is it allowed?

To feel temptations like these?

Should she know that…

I’ve loved her?

I’ve lusted after her?

And when she does

Will she trust me again?

I believe in my heart she will

That nothing can break us
She doesn’t know

She should know
She knows I think she’s beautiful

Sometimes she doesn’t believe me

But she knows 

Because I tell her with every chance I get

She’s my best friend in reality

But my lover, of fire and golden life in my mind

I can play with her all day in my head

But sooner than later come back to the reality that she’s my best friend

I’ve hated her once

We’ve had misunderstandings

More than many

But I’ll always love her

Be there for her

Keep her secrets as if they were my own beats to my heart

My imaginary lover

My best friend.
She doesn’t know 

She should know.
~the ghost poeter~


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