What is hope?
It’s what let’s you close your eyes every night when you go to sleep believing that you will wake up breathing and healthy the next day.
It’s what gets you out of bed to start a fresh even when you went to sleep beat up, torn down, sad, or even depressed.
It’s what stands you up when you fall and keeps you going even when there is no one to help you.
Its what keeps our hearts fighting like our soldiers at war knowing that back home they’re family is home safe waiting for their return.
It’s what allows us to forgive and believe that we should give ourselves and others another chance even when our loved ones have let us down.
Its what makes us pick up the broken pieces and mend our bruised hearts even after those who have torn us down are long gone without remorse.
It’s what makes us believe in getting up and making new friends even when old ones lose faith and interest in us because they think that it ‘just happens’ and isn’t worth fighting for.
Its what makes us keep trying our luck in finding love after trying and failing over and over again.
It’s what makes us cling to dear life when we are lain in the hospital bed believing that the next moment will be a miracle, that we will fight off the illness and get better.
Its what makes us pray, and believe that even when we die there is a good future for our souls in the afterlife.
It’s what makes us defend each other, fend for each other, look after each other, help each other, complete strangers who become fellow neighbours in times of dire crisis and disaster.
It’s what gives the poor man on the side of the street with no shelter the strength to get up and look for his next meal.
So what is hope?
Hope is better. Hope is a fight, a beautiful fight, a fight for love, not just between boy and girl, but between friends, siblings, strangers, fathers, mothers and their children, humans and animals alike…
Hope never gives up. Especially when that which you held dear to you and had hope for feels like it’s dead. It will fight on if it truly means something to you.
So keep hoping. And share your hope with someone who is hopeless. Because it is deep inside us all. And who knows, you may save a life.



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